What's in STAGIS?

STAGIS contains approximately 200 shark tagging studies. Each study, as defined in STAGIS, deals with one species and summarizes the type of tag used, the oceanic region (i.e. the location of tagging if available), the time period of the tagging, the number of individuals tagged and recovered (if applicable), the range of lengths and the sex of the individuals tagged, the longest and the farthest track observed during the study, and the project leader.

To find a study of interest, there are four ways to search :

-          By Species :

This page presents a list of 60 shark species that have been studied using tags in the Pacific Ocean.  Scientific and common names, as well as FAO species codes, are shown.  Users can also see if the species of interest has been designated as a Key Shark Species by the WCPFC.  By clicking on Field Studies for a particular species, the user can access a list of tagging studies concerning this species (click View to see detailed information).  By clicking on References, a list of literature references about tagging studies on this species can be accessed.

-          By Contact :

The Contacts section contains approximately 60 researchers who have led shark tagging activities.  For each contact, the organization and country, as well as the email address, are listed.  By clicking on Studies Led, the user can access a list of shark tagging activities led by this person (click View to see detailed information).

-          By Reference :

The References section contains approximately 90 references pertaining to shark tagging studies in the Pacific.  Reference types include peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals, meeting papers and project reports.  The full citation and abstract are listed for each reference, as well as a hyperlink which illustrates how the user can access the full reference (click View to see full information).  By clicking on Field Studies, the user can access the details of the study (as defined in STAGIS) on which this reference is based (click View to see detailed information).

-          By Study :

The Studies section contains approximately 200 studies. Species tagged, a brief description, type of tag, oceanic region, years of deployment, and the person who was in charge of this study are listed for each study (click View to see full information). By clicking on Reference, the user can access any bibliographic reference that has been published from this study.

STAGIS also has export and print functions which permit users to extract the information of interest in various formats (PDF, Excel or print formats).